Episode 8 – The End of the World


  • Haven’t put out a new episode in a while 
  • Website moved hosts
  • Quarantine life


  • Coronavirus outbreak in China:
    • Chinese govt confirms several hundred cases, 10s of deaths
    • Leaked audio recording from a nurse in China says the government is lying and the number of infections has reached closer to 100,000.
    • Reports that chinese government were arresting anyone who was initially trying to report on the outbreak 
    • Such is the punishment for the oppressors in China
    • However unfortunately the Uyghurs may be affected as well
    • If they are affected, death from a plague is a means for martyrdom bi’idhnillah
    • Persecuted for being Muslim and then dying from a plague could be a means for shahadah bi’idhnillah
  • Tawagheet getting infected
  • Upside(s) of the outbreak


Purely speculation, I do not claim to know the ghaib, only Allah knows the future and only He knows the Hour. 

I am simply speculating based on the Signs of the Hour which I hope are authentic

For some reason, the hadith and Signs of the Last Day are a particular field of Islam that has tons of weak and fabricated narrations.

  • Perhaps I’m consuming too much negative media and it’s skewing my perspective, but it really seems like things are going downhill everywhere
  • Climate change, preparation for the Dajjal?
    • Before the flood
    • Inconvenient Truth
    • Inconvenient Sequel
  • Fukushima and radioactive oceans
  • Amazon wildfires
  • Australian wildfires
  • Overfished oceans
  • Mass shootings, at least in the US
  • Everyone’s depressed
  • Information overload, difficult to find objective facts, everything is skewed or accused of being skewed towards an agenda

Wanted to go through the Signs of the Day of Judgement and see how many that appear to have happened

Primary source material: The Hereafter Series by Anwar al-Awlaki (RA), specifically the lectures on the Minor and Major signs; which he in turn based off a book called The Authentic Ahadith of the Signs of the Day of Judgement by Yusuf al-Wabil.

  • Track 5 minor signs 8-18
  • 4:07 the land of the Arabs will be rivers and forests, green
  • 17:04 when trust is lost, authority is given to those who don’t deserve it
  • 18:22 knowledge will disappear, ignorance will prevail
  • 25:22 people will not even know about salah and fasting, quran will disappear (obviously we’re not there yet). There will be people who say “we used to hear laa ilaha ill Allah” and thats all that they will know from Islam 
  • 30:27 increase of security forces, spying on and oppressing the muslims, ie the security forces of the tawagheet. They leave and come back with the wrath of Allah on them. RasulAllah says stay away from them, do not help them.
  • 32:42 Zina prevails – this is obviously happening everywhere. RasulAllah SAWS says that if Zina prevails to the point that it is advertised in public, then Allah will afflict them with diseases that did not exist in their forefathers. AIDS is an example
  • We’ve made marriage very difficult in our cultures 
  • 43:26 the spread of Riba, everyone is dealing in it, and even if you don’t deal in it you’ll be affected by the dust of it. People will not care how they make money whether it’s halaal or haraam 
  • 51:00 decoration of the masaajjd, people would compete in it. Decorate masaajjd like the Jews and Christians did. People would be proud to build the masaajjd but they would be dead. Decorating the masaajjd and the musahaf then destruction will befall you (Abu Darda). Preference of symbolism over substance. 
  • 57:27 competing in building tall buildings 
  • 1:00:25 slave woman gives birth to her master. Disobedience and disrespect of parents 
  • Track 06
  • Spread of bloodshed widespread (haraj). Not Muslims fighting kuffar, but Muslims fighting each other. Killer and killed don’t know why. Both in Hellfire. 
  • Believers punished in this world 
  • 8:10 Shrinking of time. Could be lack of barakah, lifestyle makes time seem very short. Could also mean new forms of travel and communication. Could be literal shrink of time ie earth spins and revolves faster. 
  • 15:11 proximity of markets, markets all close together 
  • Spread of trade and business 
  • Appearance of shirk in the Ummah 
  • Earthquakes will be frequent , great trials and tribulations if you see Khilafah approaching Philiatine, the times of earthquakes and disasters is coming soon 
  • The liar would be considered truthful and vice versa. The lowly and insignificant would be speaking about the affairs of the Ummah. 
  • The world will belong to the wicked son of the wicked. See the rich and famous. Celebrities are “cool”, exact translation. 
  • Salaam only to the ones you know. 
  • Women who are dressed yet naked, camel hump hijabs; RasulAllah (SAWS) says they will not enter into Jannah or even smell the scent of Jannah. I am not sure if this is forever or for a temporary time.
  • Transportation will increase, coming of automobiles. 
  • The spread of print. Could mean literal books and the Internet. Everything feels like information overload. Widespread print didn’t occur until Gutenberg. 
  • Lies and fabrications in religion. Clearly widespread today. They bring up things “never heard by you or your forefathers”, ie people who are trying to bring completely new things to the religion that have no basis in the religion. “Dajjaloon” 
  • There will be false witness and concealing the truth, on a widespread societal level. False witness is one of the 7 Major Sins.
  • Lots of sudden deaths, ie due to internal illnesses, not due to external accidents
  • Widespread hostility and distrust among the people. Some of the Sahabah wrote a letter to Umar to warn him of a time when people would be brothers in public, enemies in private. Umar says this is not talking about his time, but a later time (possibly our time?) when relations will not be based on the sake of Allah, but only on business and common material benefit. Which is why our hearts are not together.
  • Bold = Climate Change
  • Arabian Peninsula becomes gardens/green with flowing rivers again. Climate change? Or technological advancements. Allahu Alim.
  • The sky rains widespread but nothing grows
  • Animals and objects speaking. There was the wolf that spoke during the time of RasulAllah (SAWS). Some animals would speak to humans. Objects would speak (smartphones). The shoes would speak to you, and your legs would speak to you about what your family is doing (smartphones). Shoes with fitness tracking, etc. Or could be literal.
  • Widespread desire for death. Depression and mental health issues are widespread. Miserable times of hardship. People will pass by graves and will throw their faces in the dirt and wish they were in the grave. It is not uncommon for people to desire death, but usually when you see death when your own eyes you snap out of it. The strange part is that when you see death in front of you and you still desire it.




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