3 thoughts on “No Nationalist Flags (IG Video)”

  1. Assalaamu 3aleykum,

    Barakallahu fik ya akhee.

    We should raise the banner of La ilaha illa Allah instead the flag of the revolt of a gay from Wales called Lawrence of Arabia.

    I would like to share this link:


  2. الحمد لله

    Very important point! We need to avoid nationalism and other bâtil. At the time the ‘Uthmaniûn were taken over, their situation was very bad, as shirk and bid’ah had spread by rulers along with others wal’iyâdhu Billâh . Those who Allâh ‘Azza waJall helps are the ones with taqwâ . May Allâh give us hidâyah and help us and protect us and AlMasjid AlAqsâ

    Abd AlHakeem ,
    Have you received a message on this site recently? I sent one earlier on the “Contact” page and hope for you to respond بإذن الله

    جزاك الله خيرا

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