Torrents Aren’t Working

Just checked the server today and noticed that none of the torrents are working. Not sure what happened as they were working fine for months. Trying to fix ASAP.

2 thoughts on “Torrents Aren’t Working”

  1. Assalāmu ‘aleykum,

    Ma sha’a Allah.

    I didn’t see posts on your blog for long time as I was almost every week visiting It!

    Please, the following link is no longer working:

    It was the complete website along with lectures.

    Here there are more lectures of Sheikh Abdullah Al Faisal (fakka Allahu asrah, because he is in prison in USA):

    I am downloading all if them with this:

    I want to share all the following lectures:

    I need as well the Complete.Awlaki.Archive which was deleted from

    Another website is:

    May Allah ta’ala increase us in beneficial knowledge.


    1. Wa alaykum salaam, yeah I have not been very motivated to post anything new lately. I would like to do a new podcast episode soon in sha Allah. In sha Allah I will try to get the torrents working again as well.

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