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Islamic State of Mind on Social Media

  • BitChute – alternative to YouTube
  • LBRY – alternative to YouTube
  • Parler – alternative to Twitter
  • Gab – alternative to Twitter
  • diaspora* – alternative to Facebook
  • Ruqqus – alternative to Reddit
  • Soundcloud – Full-length spoken-word poetry
  • Instagram – personal IG page


  • AuthenticTauheed – The official website of Sh. Abdullah al-Faisal. Due to the Shaykh’s arrest, the website has gone offline. However you can still access it via’s Wayback Machine
  • The Ghurabah – another blog ran by some like-minded believers
  • Islamic Thinkers Society – An Islamic organization dedicated to commanding the good and forbidding the evil
  • IslamQA – The most reliable source on the Internet to get fataawa (Islamic rulings)
  • Kalamullah – A source for Islamic eBooks and audio lectures, but there are a lot of sellout coconut scholars on there as well, proceed with caution
  • – Read the Qur’an online, in various languages and translations
  • – Read the ahadith of RasulAllah ﷺ , although I have found one particular hadith where it appears that the English translation has been intentionally altered. See this post for the hadith in question
  • The Muslim Skeptic – Br. Daniel Haqiqatjou’s organization dedicated to fighting against the rising spread of modernism and liberalism infecting the Muslim Ummah


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