Anti-COVID Stickers

I’m planning on addressing my thoughts on this whole COVID situation, especially as it pertains to us as Muslims, whenever I get around to recording the next podcast episode, hopefully soon إن شاء الله.

However I came across an organization called The White Rose, which distributes printable anti-lockdown, anti-mask stickers that you can print and stick around town as you see fit. Some of them are a little bit preachy and on-the-nose, but there are some that I do like.

Figured I’d share here.

Their Telegram link is I wanted to attach the latest .zip archive here directly but WordPress isn’t cooperating and I don’t feel like messing with it right now.

Still planning on getting around to fixing the torrents at some point as well, just haven’t had the time or the motivation.


Fixed the WordPress issue so you can download the archive here:

Salaf’s Quotes on the Kufr of Man-Made Law

Original Source:

Unfortunately the Shaykh’s website is no longer online. However you can still find it via The Wayback Machine:

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