Episode 1: My Journey to Islam

This being the first episode of the podcast, I wanted to introduce myself and tell my story of how I came to Islam. 

Generally, when reading a book written by the scholars of Islam, an introductory biography of the scholar is included so that you know who you are learning from. For this first episode, I wanted to follow their example.

Show Notes

The Light Series

The Light – Season 1*:
* there are some incorrect mistakes in this season (i.e. a line in Episode 1 – “you can be Muslim American, you have to be American first”), but as the series goes on, you can see how the brother or sister who made it learns more as time goes on

The Light Reloaded – Season 2:

The Light Revelations – Season 3:

The Zeitgeist Films

*** In Part 1 of the first Zeitgeist film, the narrator makes the suggestion/claim that Prophets Musa and ‘Isa perhaps never existed. I do not condone or endorse this idea, Obviously we reject this as Muslims, we believe in all the Prophets of Allah (alayhim salaam). The Zeitgeist series also makes some general anti-religion statements throughout the films which obviously ISOM does not endorse ***

Zeitgiest: Addendum

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

Bonus: Loose Change

Loose Change – The original “9/11 Conspiracy” documentary

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